Kennel info

Kennel Moonrun´s is managed by: Josefine Carlquist, Richard Ryderstedt and our kids Felix and Felicia


Our goal is to breed Siberian Huskies for Racing and show. We would like to present a serious commitment toward the wonderful  and positive breed we believe the Siberian Husky is when it's in the right element.


What we do... with our lovely huskies.

We are active in racing/competitions and dogshows with our lovely Huskies. We think that every Husky in our kennel should have at leased one judgment on a show so that we know that every individual is within the standard. Training season normally starts in September-October and ends normally around April. The rest of the year we normally visits Shows and activities with our lovely dogs...


Why Siberian Husky

We where searching for a breed that was healthy, easy going, good looking and could join us out in the woods. The nature have always been close to our hearts. When we started to look at the polar breeds and the differences in characters the choice went from blur to crystal clear.. We are Siberian Husky people... Today after several years of experience with the breed we are even more shore about our choice.


Honda TRX350

Danler FlexMax 180

Our dog box


The Kennel have permission according to Swedish Law for keeping 20 dogs over 12 months of age. The kennel is checked by the Swedish Agriculture authorities.

Last checked 2007/10 without any comments.


The Kennel is member of the Swedish Kennel club and follows it´s rules and regulations.