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2009-12-22 Secondwinds Nahanni breed to Moonrun´s Matrix.

2009-11-18 Moonrun´s Sitka have given birth to 4 lovely puppies. 1 Female and 3 Males.

2009-11-08 Moonrun´s Tanana gave birth to 6 lovely puppies. 2 Females and 4 Males.

2009 10 Moonrun´s Challenger have moved to Sundsvall.

2009-09-15 Moonrun´s Sitka breed to Sibersong´s Kamots

2009-09-11 We welcomes the newest addition to the Kennel. Nymanens Castor and Nymånens Fenix. Right now they are enjoying the comfort of Indoors.

2009-09-02 Moonruns Tanana breed to Nathan av Vargevass

009-08 Fall training has begun .. But we are still waiting for the females to come in heat.. Both prospective mothers Sitka and Tanana in lead on the picture.

Visiting the kennel Nymånen, Michael and Birgitta Sandin. They have a very orderly and structured kennel. Michael is good with the hammer and Birgitta as we all know, has an eye for aesthetically pleasing art. A good combination. The visit was both a social occasion but we also looked at the puppies and selected two from Nathan-Sol litter. It feels incredibly fun to work with Birgitta and Michael and we look forward to the addition to the kennel.

Kennel Vargevass 40year as a breeders. Workshop over 2 days. During the days we met old and new acquaintances. The seminar was divided into two parts, the first part addressed the history of the breed and how it came to Nordic and to Karsten. In the evening we hade some fun and socializing around Stockfire into the morning hours. Whiskey is niiice! :-) Day two was Karstens day! Where the breed development and aberrations were discussed and the anatomy and breeding criteria. All together a very successful Seminar / meeting with a lot of discussion and thought. Thanks Karsten and Eveline for a good seminar.

BBadCreek Blues Party. Lars Kalrsson arranged a BIG party. It was a lot Mushers, bikers and other loose people ..
I think the clock was about 05:30 when we went back home. (Kennel Badcreek aka Lars K manufactures tow lines (wire) touring sled, etc.) live performances during the evening was Johan Eliasson (Bottle Neck John's Delta Trio) by Fredrik Eriksson on bass.

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2009-07-05 We welcome Pikku Mörkki av Vargevass to our Kennel. Pikku Mörkki will be 2 years old on the 24th of July and we look forward to our new team member. He have been working in Evelines team this season and after Amundsenrace he have been running in Karsten´s main Team. We are truly grateful to welcome him to our Team!

A newly bade but happy Pikku Mörkki.. It was fun to play with all the new female friends :-)

Home from Paris and the first "World Sled Dog Race Organiser Symposium". I attended the Conference together with Nisse Uppström. The Meeting resulted in the foundation and start for a good and future collaboration between the races. For Amundsenrace the collaboration will most likely result in better planning between the races ( Race Schedule) and collaboration on other topics. On site where also IFSS and let us all in on the new rules and regulations in Europe ( ESDRA ).

We were at the home of Karsten and Eveline (Kennel Vargevass) and met Karen Skogen and Earl Norris (Kennel Anadyr, Alaska) held together with a few other friends and acquaintances Mushers. It was an interesting meeting with the very history of Anadyr Kennel and discussions about the breed, training, etc.

2008-06 Gazette "Stakeout" in Holland has written a 2-page article on Richard during the Polar Distance 300.

2009-04-16  We plan a new litter between Sibersong´s Kamots and Moonrun´s Sitka. Sitka is one of our main leaders and  lead the team to victory at Polardistance. Kamots is our Team Tractor and does not know the word quit.. He is always there for you in ALL conditions.

The season is almost over now... The snow is melting away and the ATV is now taken out from the winter storage. The past weeks We have hade some happenings that mite be interesting for our guests. The week after I came home from Polardistance we welcomed 2 interns / students that stayed for 3 weeks to learn a little bit about mushing and dog handling. They also attended Amundsenrace as voluntaries together with our super handler Sergei. Amundsenrace became a total success even this year. We can now truly say that we have created the BEST RACE ON EARTH. Next years race will be at the 19-21 March.

When I (Richard) attended Polardistance Nisse and Annika borrowed Matrix and Commander when they raced tourists in Östersund.

During Amundsenrace the local race Beaver Trap Trail took place and our friend at kennel Voxcelestas Helene borrowed our Tanana and made it thru the race with a total of 8 dogs. The stretch was 3x50km

The past week Pernilla ( Vintervisas Kennel ) borrowed Matrix, Commander and Disco during her run up in the mountains. She also ran Disco in lead with good result.We think is good for the dogs to be driven by other mushers we have close contact with. The dogs learn allot and are tested by others and with other dogs..

Some new pictures on Moonrun´s Snow Patrol, who live in Germany with our friend Michael Hess!

2009-03-12 Richard won the Polardistance 300 /12 dog class. The distance was about 350km of pure adventure.

We setup a plan and followed it thru the hole race. 3h rest at checkpoint Sr Michael and then 6 h mandatory rest at Lofsdalen and then I finally took 3 h rest at checkpoint Lillhärdal. Before I came to the final resting place at Lillhärdal I passed 2 of the 3 teams in front of me. I went out from the last checkpoint in first position and kept my distance to my followers all the way to the Finnish line. My total time excl mandatory rest was 31h 14m 40 Sek.


Richard, with some friends ( Nisse at Nordviken´s and Peter at Huskyvallen´s ) have been on a tripp to the mountains this weekend. The dogs ran about 130km.. The weather was fantastic on Saturday, as you can see at the pictures.. It was a really nice tripp with good friends and the dogs did an excellent job. Richard borrow 4 dogs from Annika and Nisse to compliment his team so that he hade 12 dogs instead of the 8 that we have for Polardistance. ( The rules at Polardistance demands that the dogs are at leased 24 months old )  Thanks Annika and Nisse at Nordviken´s for all the support..


Today we went out on the training-trail as usual. Richard likes to do some extra km when training during weekends. During this weekend the dogs have done around 120km. The team kept a good pace and the beautiful weather and nature made the hole trip to a nice adventure.



The main team of the kennel was entered for the middle distance unlimited class over 2 x 46 km in Lillholmsjö this weekend! The dogs who entered, was: Tanana, Sitka, Disco, Challe, Giselle, Chatter, Kamots, Zenda and Nahanni. We hade only 9 dogs on the team because the other dogs at home have not the competition age in yet, but the next year we will have a complete 12 dogs team:-)  We are so proud of our dogs, they did a really great job in front of the sled! The second day, the dogs ran 7min faster than day 1!  We are so proud!!!

We would also like to congratulate Karsten Grönås who won the class!

1 Karsten Grönås SPHK NN 4:32:47 2:13:48 2:18:59
2 Torbjörn Öhrström SPHK NN 4:41:57 2:18:47 2:23:10


Manfred Witschel






Richard Ryderstedt






Today we went out with Family and Friends and off course the dogs for some fun and social BBQ in the woods.

A really nice start of 2009.