News 2010

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2010 10 10. We hade a late start with our fall training this year but we will do our best to compensate for that. The dogs are happy and have adapted quickly from the lazy state to full training. This year we will also try to make some nice video captures of the season but we are in the middle of trying to learn all the new gadgets we have purchased so hopefully we will end up with some nice moving pictures of our dogs as well this season. We will film everything in full HD but for obvious bandwidth issues not publicize in full HD. We will try to find some nice and simple video service online and implement it on our site. In the meantime I hope we can get some new and improved pictures on our lovely dogs.

2010 10 02. Long time since we updated the website ..The family has been in focus for some time now. We got a new son on 27 Aug. A sprightly fellow that has the same appetite as the dogs :-). Meanwhile, in the late spring and all summer we built a second floor on the house so that the whole family could be accommodated better. This project is now done for now, and Felicia and Felix have finally got one room each in the new floor of the house.
Now we can focus more on the dogs and the website to communicate what is happening here and what plans there will be.
This year we will get some training help from our main Handler Sergei Göhl who also want to try to compete a bit.  Sergei and I (Richard) will also to try to help Karsten manage Femundlopet this year. Femundlopet is also the first WC in longdistance.
Our goal for us this season is to participate in at least 2 races in the appropriate class ..
We hope for a good, injury-free fall training at a high pace :-)

2010 02 17 Secondwind´s Nahanni is proud mom to 9 lovely puppies. 6 females and 3 males