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10 Puppies / valpar have arrived 2011-09-20

Secondwind´s Nahanni Imp USA Sibersong´s Kamots Imp USA

She comes from a litter of 9 lovely puppies at the Secondwind Kennel in the States. Nahanni is a strong puller that keeps a good pace as long as you want. She usually goes in Wheel or Point but have been running in lead also. Nahanni completed Polardistans 350km 2009. Imported from USA.

Eyes scanned without any comments: 20061004.

You can find more information on Nahanni on her page!

Kamots is a import from kennel Sibersong in Usa. Kamots is the team tractor that never lets us down. He is a sweet gentle boy towards dogs and people. He loves to run in harness and have proven himself during this season more then one time. He is one of the main reason to our winning of Polardistance 350km 2009. Kamots have amazed us from day one and he still amazes us in his performance and temperament.

Eye's scanned without any comments: 20061004, Hips and knees X-rayed without any comments. A grade.

You can find more information on Sibersong´s Kamots on his page!


Secondwinds Nahanni


Lara-Ke's Adelaide

Jr Yukon Quest

Two RIvers 100


Alaskan's Spot of Anadyr - "Jack"

3x Iditarod Leader  -99 -00 -01 Klondike 300

Knik 200

Copper Basin 300

Alaskan's Sergei of Anadyr

Alaskan's Lippy of Anadyr

Lara-Ke's Katmai Ashes

Jr Yukon Quest

Two RIvers 100

Cooper Basin 300

Don Bowers 200

Iditarod Veteran -01

Alaskan's Mageik of Anadyr

Iditarod Veteran

Blackwaters Cassiar of


Lara-Ke's Chatanika SecondWind

Blackwaters Turn Again Mist

Cooper Basin 300

Don Bowers 200

Iditarod Veteran -01

Kodiak's Flyer II

Blackwaters Ruby, SD

Iditarod veteran -99

Lara-Ke's Teklanika

Jr Yukon Quest

Two RIvers 100

Qualified for Crufts

Lara-Ke's Fure

Iditarod Veteran 

Lara-Ke's Anna Dearest

Iditarod Veteran 99


Sibersong´s Kamots


NorthWapiti's Lincoln of Kelim, SD CGC


NorthWapiti's Odin

3x Iditarod Finisher

Tumnatki's Bosun NorthWapiti

2001 Iditarod Finisher

Mult. BIS Can. Ch. Chuchinka's Dance In The Wind, SDX

Chuchinka's San Antonio Rose

2001 Iditarod Finisher

Chuchinka's Austin

Chuchinka's Restless Wind

Blizzard Run's Sibersong Kadee, SD

Jedeye's Slammin Sammie of Blizzard Run

Moonshadow Biko of Jedeye, SD

Northomes Maggie

Blackwaters Molly of Blizzard Run

Blackwaters Elim, SDO

Blackwater Alkasiber Amadour, SD

SD: Sleddog

SDX: Sleddog exelent

SDO: Sleddog outstanding